Tutoring FAQ


Who are adult learners?

Adult students who attend classes at Learn to Read are over the age of 18, represent all races and genders, and come from all economic and social backgrounds. They may have completed high school or left before graduation, but did not acquire the literacy and comprehension skills they need to be successful.

Where will I get the training and teaching materials?

Learn to Read provides all volunteers with 10 hours of free training. Additional training and professional development opportunities are made available throughout the year at no cost to you to enrich your skills. A wide variety of teaching materials is available in our office for your use.

What is the time commitment involved?

We suggest that a new tutor meet with their adult learner at least once or twice a week for 1½ – 2 hours per session. Maintaining this time commitment is important in helping the student acquire his/her skills as quickly as possible. We ask tutors to consider making a commitment for at least 6 months.

How will I be matched with an adult learner?

Once you have completed your training, a Learn to Read staff member will contact you as soon as we have an adult learner who matches your preferences and availability. Most tutors are able to get started within a few weeks of completing tutor training.

Do I need to speak a language other than English to tutor?

No. All textbooks and materials are in English, and you are teaching English language skills. The majority of adult learners served by Learn to Read are native speakers of English.

Where do our lessons take place?

In public facilities, such as libraries, churches, community centers, schools, and business places.

How do I get started?

Contact our main offices at 904.630.4903, or email any inquiries or paperwork to learntoreadvolunteers.jax@gmail.com. Learn to Read is headquartered in the Jacksonville Public Library’s Center for Adult Learning, located on the Conference Level of the Main Library at 303 North Laura Street.

When can I attend a Volunteer Information Session?

The 2016 Volunteer Information Session dates are as follows:

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When can I attend Volunteer Orientation and Training?

The 2016 Volunteer Orientation and Training dates are as follows:

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