Learn to Read is always looking for dedicated, encouraging, and enthusiastic volunteers. Volunteers in adult education become first hand eyewitnesses to the transformative power that education has on the lives of adult students.

Learn to Read volunteers have access to a variety of instructional volunteer opportunities. Volunteers may choose to tutor a student one-on-one. Students or his/her Learn to Read instructor may request or suggest a tutor. Volunteers can select a student from the LTR’s Tutor Request list – matching availability, student level, and goals. Based on a student’s performance and goals, materials are selected by a Learn to Read staff member. Weekly lessons and instruction are provided by the tutor. Tutors report progress on a monthly basis. The Learn to Read staff is available for ongoing support.

Volunteers may decide to assist as an aide in the computer learning labs where they assist students working on various computer-based instructional programs. The lab schedule usually includes morning, afternoon, and evening hours.

Veteran tutors and teachers have the option of assisting or leading small groups of students who are working on the same level of curriculum content.

Tutor training, both online and in-person, is required for all volunteers. Instructional materials to use with a student are also provided. Please refer to the Volunteering Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this site.


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