Monthly Progress Report Forms

Please use the Monthly Progress Report each month to report the progress you and your student are making. Learn to Read will send out a reminder each month.  You can use the Monthly Progress Report document or use the online link to report your progress.

Monthly Progress Report  (fillable MS Word document for download)

Monthly Progress Report  (enter your report directly online)

Please include: month and hours of preparation/homework, instruction time, and travel time for you and your student. Indicate the location, dates and times of the tutoring sessions. Let us know the Skill Book Name, Level and Pages or Lessons completed. You may also use the Other row to add any additional material or tasks you are studying. Check off any Academic, Economic, and Personal Goals achieved by the student. Add Comments or Notes as needed. This could include success stories or issues you would like to report. As needed, a staff member will reach out to assist.

REMINDER: Monthly Progress Reports are due on the 3rd of each month. An email reminder will also be sent.