Learn to Read graduate Dorothy Bell stops by for a visit. Want to know what she had to say about the LTR program? Read on…

On Thursday afternoon, the phone rang back in the Learn to Read cubicles. The front desk informed us that a former student and LTR program graduate Dorothy Bell was here for a visit.

Dorothy joined the Learn to Read program a little over a year ago. With a little push from her supportive family, she decided she wanted to go back to school and pursue her GED. After completing the enrollment process, Dorothy was placed in the Learn to Read computer lab, and shortly after concurrently joined a small group Reading Comprehension class. Never missing a class, Dorothy worked hard and made visible gains in her Reading Comprehension skills. She also served as a great role model in the small group class; when she had a question, she would ask it! When a classmate was absent, she reached out to them during the next class and encouraged them to attend regularly.

After a short 6 months in the Learn to Read program, Dorothy went to FSCJ and took the TABE test. Not only did she pass the test, she jumped multiple grade level equivalencies in her reading ability! Along with two of her classmates, Dorothy entered the FSCJ GED Academy that semester.

When we saw Dorothy this past week, she was radiant. She proudly reported that she is taking a full load of GED Academy classes at FSCJ’s Downtown Campus and has a tutor that she sees regularly in the college’s Academic Success Center. When asked what her favorite subjects were, she reported with a sly grin- “Actually, the Reading and Language classes are my favorite now!”

Congratulations, Dorothy. We can’t wait to see you get your GED!