Learn to Read is on Facebook… and we just want to be “liked”!

What does an organization like Learn to Read stand to gain from having a Facebook?

Nowadays, when most people hear about a topic they want to know more about, they immediately get online and type their query in to the search engine of their choice. Imagine, searching for a nonprofit that you may want to volunteer for or donate money to, and coming across a website, Facebook account, Twitter, YouTube, etc. that is subpar, or even worse, not there at all. Credibility and opportunity is lost, along with the chance for an organization to get it’s name out there in a positive, professional way.

For Learn to Read to grow and expand, we must raise awareness of our cause. In the month of April, we saw a massive spike in new volunteers and fundraising. What happened in April that caused this surge of support for adult literacy? For one, we launched our new website. With the website came easy instructions on how to get involved with our program, a “Donate Now” button, and updated contact information. Members from our Board of Directors appeared in local media outlets including First Coast Connect with host Melissa Ross, and the Action News Jax morning show. We also started putting up relevant, meaningful, and personal stories on our Facebook. The more we posted, the more people hit the famous Facebook “Like” button on Learn to Read’s page.

In just a couple months, Learn to Read and the Literacy Council of Jacksonville are going to be launching a “Reading Revolution” to try and get volunteers and the entire community involved and focused on the status of Adult Literacy in Jacksonville. The more people we get to “Like” us on Facebook, the wider the word will spread about the Reading Revolution that kicks off in July. Please help us out and follow the link to our page!