Congratulations, David Regondi!!!

Learn to Read student David Regondi stopped by the office today to tell us that he won’t be attending classes at the library any more. Why? Because earlier this morning, David went to FSCJ to re-take his TABE Reading exam. David not only met the required score of 6.0 to get in to the FSCJ pre-GED program, but exceeded it by three grade levels with a score of 9.0! We asked David to tell us a little bit about his experience in Learn to Read classes and what he plans to do after he gets his GED.


LTR: What helped you the most during your time in LTR classes?


David: The program on the computer (ITTS); you just click and go, it gives you the score, and if you don’t pass you can go back to that module and do better. The one-on-one tutoring really let me know where I was going wrong in the textbook. She (Ms. Peters) motivated me. She told me she could see little by little that I was improving when I couldn’t see it myself. She let me know I was getting better, reading faster, and timing myself better on answering questions. This time, when I took the TABE test, I was able to finish all of the questions.


LTR: Tell me a little bit about your educational background.


DR: I left the US at age 10 or 11 and went to South America. I struggled my first two years, going from English to Spanish, having to ‘lose’ my English. The 14 or 15 years later, I came back to the States and had to switch and relearn everything. I was rusty and not doing so well.


LTR: What do you want to do when you get your GED?


DR: I want to go in to the medical field, assistant nursing. I want to get this GED as a personal accomplishment. I have two kids at FSCJ right now and it will be good to get back there to the South campus.


Congratulations go out to David Regondi for all of the countless hours he has spent studying Reading and Language skills at Learn to Read, LTR staff members Sherri Jackson and Stephanie Smith who taught David in the computer lab, and his one-on-one tutor Francie Peters, a volunteer whose time, tutoring and encouragement made a huge difference in David’s education and life.